A Better Way.

A relationship with MetalX begins with a single question: “Is there a better way?” We provide customized recommendations that build on your strengths and bolster areas that need improvement. We want to go beyond merely processing scrap, to be a trusted partner that provides smart solutions and unrivaled service.
Processing: State-of-the-art processing and lab-verified analysis result in the highest quality products in the market.
Scrap Management: We combine expert consultation with creative, custom solutions to keep your scrap metal process as efficient and profitable as possible.
Brokerage and Trading: Far-reaching networks help us to serve as a direct link to end markets and consumers.
Retail and Public Recycling: We make the process fast, easy, and convenient for individual recyclers.

How to Build A Winner.

Hard Work. Perseverance. Integrity. These are the ingredients that make up the MetalX formula for success. It’s a proven formula, forged by deep experience in the scrap metal industry. From top to bottom, MetalX leadership represents some of the top minds in the metal recycling industry. This unique perspective enables MetalX to see your scrap metal needs with a practiced eye.
As an independently-owned business, MetalX can turn insight into action. Our agile corporate structure gives us a competitive advantage – allowing us to find creative solutions that go beyond what other scrap companies can offer. Every member of the MetalX team understands that lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships rely on the skill and effort they bring to work daily.
The highest standards for operational excellence, combined with a commitment to stay ahead of the technological curve, enables MetalX to deliver products you can count on to meet your unique needs – every time.