Who We Are

In the scrap metal business, the Rifkin family’s legacy is unrivaled. In 1941, Irving Rifkin borrowed $750 from a family member to purchase a single flat-bed truck. Over the next four generations, the Rifkin family grew their company into the largest ferrous and nonferrous scrap processor in the U.S. The Rifkins were joined by over 2,500 employees in 50 locations, processing five million tons of ferrous and one billion pounds of nonferrous metal per year. Years after selling the company to a steel mill, Danny Rifkin and his son Neal set their sights on the next venture - redefining excellence in the scrap metal industry.

Corporate Office

In 2012, the Rifkins leveraged their legacy, experience and passion to create MetalX. Leaner, more efficient, and focused on providing value at every level, MetalX is the realization of the family’s vision:

To build a lasting organization that creates value for customers, long-term security for employees and superior returns for shareholders.